How Street Photography Makes You a Better Photographer


Being out in the urban jungle gives you limitless opportunities to photograph — from fashionable pedestrians to snazzy street shops, commuters in transit to unique landmarks, and everything in between. Aside from being perpetual eye candy for Lomographers, the city streets are also amazing learning grounds for training your eye and developing your style. How so?

Credits: fotobes

You Get to Experiment with Different Kinds of Lighting Conditions.

Light can alter the mood and general aesthetic of a photograph. That relaxing spot in the park that you took a photo of in the daytime? Come back in the late afternoon and you'll feel a different vibe entirely. Watch as the bright neon lights, store-front signs, and lamp posts dramatically transform a bustling city into something more romantic, mysterious, or even melancholic. Ever-changing lighting variations will teach you how to effectively shoot in natural light and under ambient lighting. Turn on bulb mode and you could even craft some dreamy nightscapes.

Credits: legacy, nuraishahshamsuddin & robertofiuza

You Learn to Trust Your Instinct.

In a fast-paced urban setting, there isn't much time to hesitate. When something unusual catches your eye, go ahead and click that shutter — one blink and you'll miss it forever. Keep taking that shot from the hip and eventually, you'll discover your style.

Credits: emilios, notalux, lomomowlem, mont0417, robertofiuza & hervinsyah

You Become More Aware of Your Surroundings.

Inspiration can strike anytime and anywhere: being a more observant photographer allows you to develop a keen eye for interesting details. Even in the most ordinary circumstances, try to seek the beauty in the mundane and snap a photograph.

Credits: ohlordy, fotobes, icequeenubia, brumar, vicccf & kiwikoh

There's always something unique going on in every city corner of the world, and they look even more amazing through a Lomographer's creative perspective. Share your favorite street photographs by uploading them to your LomoHome!

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