Color Chronicles: Pure Isabelline

Isabelline, sometimes known as isabella, is a pale grey with a very slight tinge of cream-brown. It's a natural color found in animals' coating, most especially in Europe.

There are many theories as to which Isabelline came to be. Some say Isabelline was first used as a derivative term in a journal in 1859 named International Journal of Avian Science to describe the upper plumage of birds in Northern Africa. Some birds named according to the color is the Daurian shrike, the isabelline wheatear and the Sulawesi waterhen.

Credits: fruchtzwerg_hh, peterbalogh, lostlittlekid & cmj_photography_18

The color was first recorded in 1600 as “isabella colour” to refer to an article of clothing owned by Elizabeth I of England, while some think it came from the word zibellino or the Arabic word izah which may mean “lion-colored”. There is another amusing origin myth of the color, in which it is associated with underwear colors. Michael Quinion from World Wide Words wrote:

“The origin is unclear. That has led to stories growing up that associate Isabella (and by implication isabelline) with a historical event involving a noble lady by that name. One identifies her as Isabella, Archduchess of Austria, daughter of Philip II of Spain. He laid siege to Ostend in 1601 and in a moment of filial fervour Isabella vowed not to change her undergarments until the city was taken. Unfortunately for her (and no doubt for those around her) the siege lasted another three years, supposedly leading to this off-colour word for over-worn underwear.”

Now, isabelline is quite a tricky, perhaps seemingly dull color to recreate in photography, but if you're going for a clean-yet-filmic aesthetic with your analogue grind, you may want to consider this minimalist cream. Shoot with a highly sensitive film such as the Lomography Color Negative 800 (120) for chromatic accuracy, as this will widen the spectrum of colors that the light catches. Look for white floors and walls situated outdoors, but make sure it's a cloudy day!

Credits: systemdevice, robotto_dawad, anxiousvveird, carolin & aleyna

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