Ed Banger Records Turns 15 With the Simple Use Camera!


Ed Banger Records is already 15 years old ! To celebrate, we gave them a little gift : 15 Simple Use Cameras ! They used the cameras to shoot their last week-end in London, and we are letting you see these gems taken between the concert of Justice at the All Points East Festival, the vinyl signing session at Rough Trade, rolls in fresh grass and the label's birthday party at XOYO. It was the dreamed opportunity to ask Pedro Winter questions about photography, music, and fun.

Analogue photography and vinyl, same thing?

Indeed, I believe their is a similar approach. An ode to the object, the souvenir, a type of nostalgia as well, but analogue photography and vinyls are very much alive.

The question regarding the format and the quality is outdated today, at least when we speak of the clash between digital music and the vinyl format. Technology has caught up. Listening to music on an MP3 is not a shame any more :)

It is probably the same with photography, taking photos with an iPhone is not incompatible with a passion for Raymond Depardon. Analogue can be seen as luxurious, but it's forth and foremost a passionate gesture.

If the book celebrating the 10 years of Ed Banger Travail Famille Party was published today, how would you name these 5 last years?

This slogan will follow us until the end ! We still speak of a family adventure. In the end, we do this for the fun.

Do you know of any new books to be published on Headbangers Publishing ?

Yes, of course. The catalogue is growing little by little.

Travail, Famille, Party by*So Me* in 2013 was a trigger. I loved giving a try to publishing.
We then continued with more approachable formats that were easier to produce such as fanzines, art books with Jean André, David Luraschi and DVNO* for example.

Killing Technology by Melchior Tersen and Plastic Dreams by Olivier Degorce are books that remain engraved in memory and that represent a whole era.

Is there a photographer you particularly admire (apart from SoMe)?

William Eggleston, Glen E. Friedman, J Grant Brittain, very American but it is reality.

North-American culture has rocked my childhood. America with a big A, the music, MTV, skateboards, these three photographers perfectly represent all that influences me.

Do you have an exhibition project that would present all these visual archives? Vinyls, posters, photos, etc.

I'm thinking about it, yes... but you'll have to be patient... In 2023, we will celebrate the 20 years of Ed Banger Records

You often play in incredible locations such as the Morpheus Hotel in Macao with Thomas Roussel or, more simply, at the Elysée in Paris. After 15 years of touring, are there still places you dream of playing in?

I am lucky enough to remain as excited after 23 years of DJing. Recently, I played at Tomorrowland in Belgium in front of 30 people, and I managed to enjoy myself.

I don't have a particular goal, mixing at the Elysée was obviously a special moment, but playing the next day in the school playground of my daughter's primary school was very fun as well :)

Finally, if you could choose a photo taken during this birthday week end in London with the Simple Use, which would you choose?

The one with the churros. So Me and Myd share a moment of joy. I love this proximity, this generosity, this love. It is definitely us !

You can follow the adventures of the Ed Banger members via their website, Instagram account, Facebook page and follow their musical updates on Youtube.

A big thanks to Pedro, the Ed Banger Records crew and Because. Happy Birthday Ed Banger, we are looking forward to your 20 years!

written by Simon Vidal on 2018-09-07 #news #people

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