The Sprocket Rocket Hits the Streets

When you're out on the streets shooting urban scenes, it's wise to go for a panoramic lens. There's almost always something interesting going on, so you need a super wide angle camera to all capture the details in one shot. Small, lightweight, and compact, the Sprocket Rocket camera shoots on 35 mm film and takes super-wide panoramas complete with sprocket holes!

Credits: sobetion

The Sprocket Rocket is great for quick street snaps because it has a convenient shutter, aperture, and easy focusing settings. For flash photography and daytime shots, use the shutter setting 'N', and 'B' for indoor and nighttime long exposures. You'll find the aperture settings under the lens: choose between Cloudy (f/10.8) for indoor and difficult lighting situations, or Sunny (f/16) for bright and sunny days. Twist the lens for the focus settings: 0.6-1 m for shooting close subjects or 1 m to infinity for normal shots such as cityscapes and group shots.

Credits: singleelderly, wuxiong, makny & frenchyfyl

To make your street shots even more fun, the Sprocket Rocket camera comes with scrolling knobs that let you rewind and remix your shots. If you feel like shooting a fresh new scene over a photo you shot last week, turn back the clock with the reverse gear knobs. Try remixing layers of busy street life over unique patterns and textures and shoot multiple exposure and endless panoramas to you heart's content.

Credits: naiseta, juansupergen, ccwu, suizidekid & mafiosa

How do you rock your sprockets? We'd love see your shots, so don't forget to upload them onto your LomoHome, and share them on social media using the hashtags #heylomography and #sprocketrocket!

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2018-09-08 #gear #tutorials

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