How to Make a Splitzer for the Konstruktor

Have you ever created your own 35 mm SLR camera? Assembling the camera piece by piece and taking beautiful pictures with it is an incredible creative experience. Get your hands on a Konstruktor, roll up your sleeves, and start building! Once you’re done, step up your analogue game and make a splitzer to slice and dice your shots like this!

Credits: hodachrome

For this tipster, you'll need some blue tack, a cutting knife and a lens cap. We used the Diana F+ 's lens cap, but the Fisheye No.2 's will also work,. And, if you're feeling extra adventurous, you could create your own from scratch. When you've got your equipment ready, you're all set to get crafting!

  1. Mark the part you are going to cut out. You will be removing the upper half of the lens cap.
  2. Cut out the upper half of the lens cap.
  3. Remove the part you cut out.
  4. Get some blue tack, sticky pads or some tape to fix your new splitzer on the lens.
  5. If you use blue tack, fix it around the lens and put the splitzer on top.
  6. All done!

With the splitzer, you can shoot psychedelic sliced-and-diced photos like these:

Credits: claudi1007
Credits: joep

If you haven't built a 35 mm SLR camera yourself yet, get crafting! Get your Konstruktor kit from our Online Shop or from one of our Gallery Stores worldwide. Don't forget to share your shots with the Community by uploading your Konstruktor photos to your LomoHome and share them on social media with the hashtags #heylomography and #konstruktor!

2017-09-12 #gear #tutorials

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