Make Your LomoWall Pop with Redscale Shots

Looking for a way to give your photo wall a splash of color? Try using redscale film and you’ll be seeing the world in a whole different light!

Credits: hodachrome

Shooting with redscale film offers a lot more than just sunkissed tones. You’ll be surprised at its many creative uses. Imagine being able to transform regular color negative film into a wildly creative color palette. All you have to do is flip the film and spool it into an empty cartridge and you’re good to go!

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how you can incorporate redscale shots into your film photography portfolio or your Lomo Wall!

Everything is Sunkissed with Redscale

Credits: hodachrome & jeabzz

From green grass to blue skies, everything you shoot on redscale film gets drenched in varying hues of red, orange, and yellow. Shooting on redscale film can actually cleanse your film palate and give you a refreshing take on your film work. Be warned though, redscale shots require lots of light so we suggest you shoot in sunny conditions for richer photographs.

Give Your Portraits a Colorful Twist

Credits: japsix & jennson

Mixing it up with redscale film is easy. Just take whatever subject you have, use plenty of available light, and hit the shutter. You can give your portrait shots a twist of crazy effects with redscale film. Go on and experiment!

Capture Engaging Landscapes with Yellow, Red, and Orange Tones

Credits: hodachrome & sandkorn

Combining landscapes and redscale film can make for an exciting photography experience. Imagine being out on a sunny day with a roll of homemade or store-bought redscale film in your camera and a majestic view in front of you. That scenario has “beauty” written all over it. Expect to get wild effects and colors in your shots that only redscale film can deliver.

Play Around with Different Film Speeds and Variants

Credits: mafiosa & hodachrome

One great thing about redscale is that you can play around with it as you wish. Thicker films tend to have stronger colors while thinner films bring out softer, more mellow hues. Film speed also plays its part here since different film speeds react differently to changing lighting conditions.

Go All Out on Effects

Credits: hodachrome

Since you’re feeling experimental, why not go all the way right? Do MX shots, capture long exposures, expose both sides of the film… the works! Shooting with redscale film can only open up new ways for you to test out your skills. Don’t be afraid to try new things with this film. The world is your playground!

Simply put, shooting with redscale is truly exciting. Whoever pioneered redscale photography deserves an award. It’s such a versatile film that you’d be seriously missing out if you don’t try it. You can even go the DIY route and make your own redscale film at home. Don’t worry though, you can hit the Online Shop to get ready made rolls if you’re already itching to shoot on redscale. Visit our microsite to learn more about redscale photography!

Are you a fan of redscale shots? Show us your best shot and join our redscale rumble! Send in your fiery redscale shots and get a chance to win cool prizes!

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