The Best Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Using the Diana F+

With the summer rolling around to a near end, you might be wanting to reflect on your memories during the harsh winter months. Using the Diana F+ and the Lomo X-Pro Slide Film, we were able to capture some amazing tips and tricks to use the trusty Diana.

Tip 1: Bring your the Diana F+ EVERYWHERE

You never know when the right moment strikes to take a photo, and with the Diana, you can pretty much shoot any time, anywhere. It's super easy to switch apertures based on your lighting environment, but hey, it's summer, so let the Diana take in those sun rays too!

Tip 2: Go out and Explore

As mentioned before, during the summer, it's usually nice and sunny. Staying indoors usually doesn't yield for the most interesting of photos, so go outside. Take a walk and explore your neighborhood. Or even go take a weekend trip somewhere new. Some of the most remote locations like this meadow come out looking more vibrant than in real life. Exploring and keeping your eyes open are just as much of a part of photography as the camera and film are.

The Lomography X-Pro Film creates amazing colors when shot outdoors. These photos shot at a berry farm came out vibrant with blue undertones, making for the bluest of skies.

Tip 3: Experiment

We shot with the Lomography X-Pro 200 film, developed in E-6. After experimenting with different exposure times, the colors of this film came out slightly distorted, making for skies that looked more yellow/orange than blue. This tone is something we were not expecting, but in the end looked pretty darn cool. Experimenting with exposure time, even double-exposing film or rolling your film in a little loose to get light-leaks is just a part of the versatility that the Diana F+ holds.

Tip 4: Always have fun!

Photographing should not feel like a chore, it should be something that comes natural to you. Bringing your camera with you in your bag and pulling it out when it feels right will more than likely yield for the best photos. Be in the moment, and trust your gut, it'll always help in the long run!

The Diana F+ and Lomo X-Pro Slide Film are both available on our Lomography Online Shop.

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-09-03 #gear #diana #diana-f

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