Monday Moodboard: Chilling by the Poolside


Today is the first Monday of August, and the summer heat's just going to be intenser from here. Let's face it, most of us can't afford the great island weekend getaway. We're all living in borrowed time, after all. So here's a helpful cliché to beat your Monday blues down without breaking the buck: how about heading over to the local pool or clubhouse? Take a day off, unwind for a bit as you lie down on your favorite animal floatie. Snap some pictures while you're at it!

Here's what a pool day on a Monday looks like according to our clever Lomographers:

Credits: blancarleal, biri, neja, reneg88, grad, azzzy, metaluna, crismiranda, dabai, netali, disdis, welland, 5thdimension, blackbyrd & bebopbebop

Have you visited the pool recently? Share those snapshots by uploading them in your LomoHome.

2018-08-06 #culture #monday-moodboard-poolside

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