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When you step inside the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco, the first, huge detail you'll notice is one that will overwhelm you: the walls are all blue. The city's drenched in a sky-bluish tone, making everything that moves across it so picturesque.

Chefchaouen was founded by Jewish and Moors fleeing from Spain in the Rif mountains, 1471. The reason why the walls are blue is quite unclear, some say it's to keep the mosquitoes away, some it's due to reflecting the color of the sea and sky, which is Judaism's divine color. It's all theories from here.

Credits: brettallensmith, sedaakay, miya0120 & duffman

The place might as well be every photographer's paradise, as the blue color can appear in 50 shades depending on your preferred temperaments. Vogue wrote that the best time to shoot the city is during the golden hours. Our own wanderlust Martynas Katauskas a.k.a. @duffman has a couple of tips to make your travel shots in Chefcaouen as magical as it can be;

Go for sunset to the Spanish mosque which is on a hill. This is the spot to watch the sunset and you can see whole Chefchaouen form above.

Moreover, if you go during the sunrise, you'll have the whole spot for yourself. Lomographer @duffman also notes that there are many facets in shooting the place during the different times of the day. He adds:

Get up early and shoot the streets of the old town while they're empty of tourist and full of souvenir stands. During midday, the sun produces beautiful shadows all around the old town. These are very nice to photograph, and the blue color is glowing! In the late afternoon I suggest to go out of the old town. And see the not so touristy part of Chefchaouen. The light is also better there.

You might also catch the occasional veggie and fruit market on the main street, which will be a good opportunity to get to know the locals and shoot more street photographs.

Images by @duffman

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  1. brettallensmith
    brettallensmith ·

    Wow! Thanks for including some of my shots. Always wonderful to be side by side with the amazing @duffman and his work! :)

  2. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Great place to visit!

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