Capucine Fachot and the Lomo'Instant Square

French photographer based in İstanbul Capucine Fachot had tested the Daguerreotype Acromat Lens previously. This time, she used the Lomo'Instant Square to take photos of Istanbul. Here are her impressions about the camera and the series she created.

Can you tell us a little bit about the series of photos you took using the Lomo'Instant Square?

Back in February, Lomography Turkey gave me their first Lomo Instant Square camera to try out in the city. They backed up with Kickstarter a fully analogue / instant camera. Beyond the incredible design (leather, expansive camera lense, expansive camera itself), the camera who gives instant shots in tangible form was a wonderful experience. I usually share photographs of my surroundings, never letting it enter my personal life. On display, sceneries, landscapes - but this camera fell in my hand just a week after losing my grandfather. When we organized his funeral, I was in charge of retrieving his lifestory in photos. Lucky for me, he was big about photography and I found an incredible amount of photos of his loved ones through the ages. This time, then, with Lomo, I decided to start my own story, to share photos of myself and my people - this is the beginning. It started in February, and since then, you’ve had a more intimate look at my life.

How was your experience shooting with the Lomo'Instant Square? Did you enjoy the camera and the format?

I work professionally with digital photography, but all I love is the contact with analog film. Turkey is a great place for that. Getting hands on this instant camera that squared just like kn the old days the shots - and printed them without the use of any digitalization was beautiful. The way a scene is recorded through those paper films is totally different than traditional photography. I cropped the details, the contours the camera creates between the foreground and the background. The timer and the flash were real advantages added to the camera. I am glad I could use every option to compose the city in winter.

Do you have any tips for people who are new to the camera?

It’s foldable, so it fits in a large pocket like a book. Yes yes yes, it’s super practical. Take it everywhere with you, and see the world unfold. Mostly people drop using their camera because camera phones are so easy to carry on.

Also, polaroids develop with heat. At university, my photo teachers would prop the shots under our arms pits for the polaroids to appear quicker. It always makes me laugh to make people discover that. They become lost for a moment with a photo under their arms.

For other works of Capucine, you can visit her website or follow her Instagram account.

written by nural on 2018-08-29 #gear #people

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