Keeping It Simple for Newbies

Film photography can be a real rollercoaster, and it’s difficult to know where and how to start. The first step is choosing an easy camera that is convenient and creative, without taking so much of a beginner's time. Something that is fun AND functional — the Simple Use Film Camera!

Credits: serra8

Fast and Easy

Just point and shoot! There are three kinds of Simple Use Film Cameras, each pre-loaded with speedy Lomography Film. Choose between LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400, an awesome film famous for its psychedelic color-shifting abilities; Lomography Lady Grey 400, a beautifully fine-grained black & white film; and Lomography Color Negative 400, the classic film that yields naturally vibrant results.

Credits: serra8, birdapricot, liuchia & holodno_tut

Convenient and Creative

Because it's already pre-loaded, there's no need to fumble around trying to load a roll of film. What’s more, the Simple Use Film Camera Purple and Simple Use Film Camera Color Negative, come with color gel filters attached next to the built-in flash for quick and easy colorsplashing.

Credits: skinnyboy, serra8 & edatopuz

Reload and Reuse

After finishing the pre-loaded film, the camera can be reloaded with a fresh new roll of film. This step requires some guidance from a skilled Lomographer, so be careful!

Taking fantastic pictures doesn’t need to be complicated. With the Simple Use Film Camera, you can shoot from the hip without the fuss! Get yours now from our Online Shop or one of our Gallery Stores worldwide.


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