Found in Translation: Uitwaaien in the Summer

Staying inside might be even more uncomfortable than heading outdoors during this summer. How about a visit to your favorite sanctuary — the seaside, the forest, your favorite eco park — to soak up the summer breeze striking through you with against a beautiful scenery? This is the act of uitwaaien.

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Utwaaien is Dutch word that literally means out-windy, but it's the act of walking in the wind, or going out into nature, mostly to clear one's head.

Lifestyle blogger Ella from LaWhimsy writes:

“Uitwaaien is a Dutch word that has no English equivalent, which I think is a real pity, since it is such a lovely word in it’s meaning (though, in Dutch I think it’s a delight to say, not to mention spell!). I often long to take an uitwaaien when life gets hectic and my mind becomes a befuddled mess. To breath in cool, fresh air, absorb in nature’s smells and sounds, and to feel my mental well-being regain it’s center as the wind clears my mind and soul…ahhh. I could go for uitwaaien right now!”

We love how the word uitwaaien is so estranged to most cultures, yet the act of uitwaaien so familiar. In fact, we often do this when we're in need of a new scenery or a burst of inspiration. A mindless walk with nature against the wind is an occurrence that has happened to all of us, and we sure love it.

Now, imagine yourself casually strolling through the shore, looking towards the horizon as the sea wind blows through you. Or how about playfull running in a patch of grass and flowers as another current of air brushes against your hair and skirt? Those would actually make very pretty Lomographs, if you ask us, so make sure to have someone capture a photograph of such a romantic portrait!

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