Just How Awesome Is a Spinning Camera?

You're traveling with family and friends and you see amazing sweeping landscapes like vast seas, lush greenery, a bustling city. Everyone wants a picture, but what if you want to be in the shot, too? Get your hands on the Spinner 360°, a camera that spins 360 degrees.

Credits: noemielegall, deluxe55 & ophelia

What does a spinning camera do exactly? Well, with a pull of the ripcord, the Spinner 360° will capture everything around you, including you! No more missing out, now you'll always be part of the group picture.

Credits: joecool, isabelica, neufotomacher & dr_dorokhov

For indoor shots, you need to shoot shake-free snaps. Pair your camera with the Spinner 360 Motorizer which allows you to shoot low-lit scenes from a distance.

Credits: cpolpa, wahiba & isabelica

Spin into a brand new way of shooting group photos with the Spinner 360°. Get yours from our Online Shop or from one of our Gallery Stores worldwide.

2018-09-06 #gear #tutorials

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Lomography Spinner 360

Lomography Spinner 360

Create incredible 360-degree panoramic shots on 35mm film with the pull of a cord.

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