LeRouge Pinhole’s Lensless Charm

Appreciating photography in all its stages is a beautiful thing. You see things differently and you become conscious in your approach as well. A simple thing such as a pinhole box camera brings you joy and excitement. It makes you want to go out and shoot again.

LeRouge Pinhole Camera © Philippe LeClerc

That’s the feeling we get when we look at these pinhole cameras from LeRouge. Their playful-looking cameras are inviting with their charming colors and eye-catching designs. It’s not difficult to see why there are a number of sites that are buzzing with excitement for LeRouge pinhole cameras.

LeRouge Pinhole Cameras © Philippe LeClerc

For starters, these compact lensless shooters are made by a photographer that goes by the name of Philippe Leclerc. He’s been a photography fan for as long as he can remember and he’s also the creative type — Philippe likes to work with his hands and create pieces that are not only useful but are also quite nice to look at. And voila, LeRouge pinhole cameras were born.

Sample shots taken with LeRouge pinhole cameras © Philippe LeClerc and Henri Carabajal

Philippe started working on his pinhole cameras back in 2015 and is now offering four different versions — the 135, 66, 612, and the 45. Each version comes in two colors, clad in red or black leather and is made out of high-quality wood. LeRouge pinhole cameras also feature a laser drilled pinhole for more precise photos. What you see is what you get with pinhole cameras but this one offers a little bit more — beautiful designs with a touch of love. After all, Philippe makes all of his LeRouge pinhole cameras out of his workshop in Bayeux.

Credits: kleinerkeks

Our community is all too familiar with the charm of lensless cameras. We’re just a creative bunch who likes to experiment with different cameras and shooting styles. Pinhole cameras are definitely the gateway gear for new experiences. Don’t be afraid to go lensless!

We would like to thank Philippe for letting us feature his work on the Magazine. If you’re interested in his LeRouge cameras, you may visit his website for more information.

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