Luca Mercedes: 24 Hours with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass


Photographer Luca Mercedes took the Lomo'Instant Square Glass with her to Lisbon, Portugal. Photographing the city's architecture and surroundings, she titles these photos "Postcards from Lisbon" She sent us details from the trip along with places not to miss in Lisbon.

Postcards from Lisbon

Lisbon, probably one of the most hyped city in Europe at the moment, and for a good reason. This breathtaking city has a lot to offer. Great Bars, amazing views, wonderful food and lovely people. The vibe of this city caught me the first time I was here, and every time I fall in love with it more.

Sitting at the little park near the Museu Farmacia while writing this, listening to a great band playing, enjoying a beer and the view over the Tijeo and the hills that make this city. Not a bad start for a Friday afternoon.

Take the ferry to the other side of the Tejo (Cachilas) walk along the water to the park at the end of the bridge. It looks similar to the Golden Gate Bridge - and gets compared with it often, but was build by the same company that built the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge. Eat lunch at the Atira-te ao Rio (great food). In the evening get your fine dining Portuguese Japanese fusion food experience at Sea Me, and end the night with cocktails at Park (a rooftop Cocktail Bar on top of a Parking Garage).

It is easy to navigate Lisbon, but just getting lost in the little streets of Baixa Chiado is all it takes to never wanting to leave. When you are watching the sunset at Jardim do Alto de Santa Catarina and listening to amazing musicians playing a sundowner show you know this is a place where you could spend the rest of your life at.

Hands down – Lisbon is my favorite European city. It is diverse, leaned back and has so much to offer. Beaches a rich culture, great nightlife, beautiful architecture and a calm and sweet vibe.

I know where I want to buy an apartment. I hope I am faster than you ha! Portuguese is quite hard to learn (so is German) but I am more than eager to do so in the next couple of years. This world is so rich, beautiful and interesting – I wish everyone could travel as much as I did in the past 12 years. Portugal is definitely making it into my Top 10 destinations I have been so far.

But if you have to choose only one place in Europe, I’d pick Lisbon / Portugal.

So long,

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