Brighten Your Daytime Shots Using Color Gel Filters

With every Lomography camera with a flash (such as the Diana F+, the La Sardina and the Lomo'Instant t family), a small packet of color gel filters are included. They’re perfect for colorsplashing, a technique that Lomographers use to alter the color of their subjects that are within range of a flash.

Credits: mateja

In the daytime, you can use these clever little color gel filters even without flash. Hold a color gel filter or use clear tape to put it over the lens. The filters are slim, so you can use one or two color gel filters at once for multicolor madness.

Credits: onlinekiwi & lola_juanlu

If you want to add a more vibrant pop of color to your daytime shots, we suggest that you use a flash. Now you're probably asking, why use flash in the daytime? The trick is to have your subject stand against the light. Keep in mind that lighter colors will show up as subtle tints, so choose the darker color gels for a more dramatic look. How about putting a color gel filter over the lens and one in your flash? Experiment to your heart’s content!

Credits: ljiljan & weidong

Our favorite time to get colorsplashing is when the lighting conditions aren't so good! We recommend trying out your color gels when it's a grey day and everything seems cold and pale, or when it's starting to get darker outside but the sun hasn't totally set yet — aka Blue Hour.

Credits: 007-0815-styler, pasadena85, dorisalfano, adelinasbm & noemielegall

Have you tried colorsplashing during daytime yet? Upload your best shots to your LomoHome and tag them with #colorsplash! Visit our Online Shop or one of our worldwide Gallery Stores to check out our colorful line-up of cameras, lenses, and accessories!


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