First impressions : Jeanne Gavillet, @yoursweetjuly and the Diana Instant Square

Jeanne Gavillet aka @yoursweetjuly took advantage of a week end in Bretagne, France to test the Diana Instant Square. The result : an amusing and poetic series realised with her sister. Jeanne also created a stunning Lomorello album with these images that were exhibited in the Lomography Store in Paris !

Hello Jeanne, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, I am a swiss and french (this implies that I love my lake, Lake Geneva). I live Paris !

You have tested the Diana Instant Square, what did you think of this novelty?

What I find interesting with the Diana Instant Square is its very pictorial aspect. The effects immediately bring the images to a dreamlike world and they erase anything that could be too realistic. We let ourselves be surprised by the results that differ according to the chosen mode. When one knows how to use the Diana F+, it is very simple to take in hand and shoot away. Furthermore, I was pleased to find the square format in instantaneous.

Which of the five lenses provided with this camera did you enjoy the most?

I preferred the 50mm. It allowed me to compose by thinking of both the subject and the landscape. But I also used the classic 75mm.

Could you tell us a bit more about the photographs you took with the Diana Instant Square ?

I had the chance of testing the camera when travelling to Bretagne, on the Island of Bréhat. I was there for work but I was with my sister and she is used to me directing. I can really ask a lot from her, just like I asked that she wander in a bathing suit through icy winds. I believe these images illustrate our relationship very well, a mixture of child games and a desire for narration; a certain intimacy as well although we stayed quite spontaneous in our approach to the image and the landscape.

What is your story with Dianas?

I received a Diana Mini about 7 years ago for a birthday. By catching a glimpse at the photos, I would say summer 2012 or summer 2015... The multiple expositions or the aleatory positioning brings a larger dimension to the images right away. I love composing on a square format, its lightness, etc...

What three adjectives would you use to describe the Diana Instant Square?

Even more than three : experimental, merry, creative, pictorial and accessible!

What pleases you the most with analogue photography?

I started learning photography just like that, when I was only 14 years old, and I think it has really helped me to reflect and know what I wanted before actally taking a photo. Analogue photography allows me to have a more meditative approach to imagery because I rarely have an unlimited number of film rolls on me. Even today, when using a digital camera, I remain economical in terms of photos (all proportions kept).
And the results are without a doubt far more beautiful, in my opinion.

You are also an illustrator and you realised a Lomorello with the Instax Sqaure photos you took with our camera, what did you think of this exercise? What do you like about the photo album?

Drawing around the images is an exercise that was unique to me. I worked on the combination of ideas. The format of the Lomorello is really adapted for the flow of your thoughts and images. The ideas and drawings glide more easily and it prevents us from sequencing the storyline.

What song could illustrate these photographs?

Cold little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka, Play with fire by the Rolling Stones or Away Away by Ibeyi.

A last word ?


These photographs were taken by Jeanne with the Diana Instant Square. The camera is now available for pre-order on our Online Shop.

You can follow the work of Jeanne Gavillet on her Lomohome @yoursweetjuly, her Website and her Instagram.

written by florinegarcin on 2018-08-22 #news

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