Liquid Lunacy — A Crazy Cocktail Film Soup Experiment!


There is nothing we love more than testing out new experimental escapades. So we decided to blend together a brand new alcoholic adventure both you and your film can enjoy. Let the good times flow with this delicious Lomography-themed cocktail guaranteed to get you, and your roll of Lomography Colour Negative film sloshed in style.

Before we begin, here's a short disclaimer; your local film lab might not want to develop your cocktail soaked film, so we recommend that you develop your own film when doing this experiment. Now that we have that out of the way, let's begin!

Photos by Samuel Eder

Get Mixing!


  • 4 cups Sweet tea
  • 3/4 cup Rum
  • 1 cup sliced frozen peaches
  • A dash of lime juice

Grab all your fresh ingredients and pour them into a jug to mix those magnificent flavors, and have a taste of your lip-smacking creation. Next, you need to add the main ingredient: a roll of Lomography Colour Negative film! Voilà — you’ve created your very own Lomography Cocktail.

Remember! We know this cocktail is delicious, we couldn't get enough of it. But regardless of what your poison of preference is, once your film has finished its alcoholic adventure avoid drinking the leftover cocktail.

Let Your Film Start Tinting

Give your canister of 35 mm film a soak in the cocktail mixture for around six hours. Then just sit back, relax and let those summer flavors tingle your film’s taste buds. Once you’re done, give your soaked film a good bath in water before sending it off to be developed — just don't forget to tell the lab about your films summer-themed swim.

We experimented with different soaking periods and found that Lomography Colour Negative film will start looking summer stained after about five hours in the drink. The longer you let your film soak, the wilder the effect — so watch out! Don't let your fresh roll of 35 mm memories get too drunk or it will forget your snaps entirely!

Photos By Samuel Eder

Liquid-Logged Lunacy

Wait, what the hell is actually going on, where are these trippy colors coming from? When Lomography Colour Negative gets a taste of this brilliant brew, its emulsion begins to react with the rum, lime juice, and sweet tea. Each ingredient eats away at and eventually settles upon a layer of emulsion. The film is essentially being devoured by this delicious deluge of liquids, which tint it and produce sweet summary goodness like this:

Not a fan of rum or sweet tea? No problem! Why not try soaking your film in wine, soup, lemonade or anything acidic? Check out our full list of liquid-based tipsters here. Get creating and pick up a roll of Lomography Colour Negative film today to try out some experiments like this for yourself!

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  1. goga93
    goga93 ·

    Absolutely love the idea!

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    snoop ·


  3. marthareed
    marthareed ·

    This is amazing! Those colours 😍

  4. marthareed
    marthareed ·

    This is amazing! Those colours 😍

  5. charsilverman
    charsilverman ·

    Anyone else try this and it work?

  6. mcfortner
    mcfortner ·

    Better develop it yourself at home, because your photo lab isn't going to like you f***ing up their chemistry because of this and having to dump it all out.

  7. 645fan
    645fan ·

    @MCFORTNER You must've missed the bit in the text of the article where it says to give the film a good bath in water before sending it off to a lab.

  8. snowr
    snowr ·

    What do you call sweet tea? Is it tea in bags (with sugar) or tea in bottle ? Peach or lemon flavour?

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