Lomographer on Focus: Philippines' Blanche Llanes aka @alwaysheadsouth

Filipino Lomographer Blanche Llanes goes by the handle @alwaysheadsouth. Blanche had a quick chat with us about her Lomography camera of choice — the Fisheye No. 2 camera — and her creative passions.

Credits: alwaysheadsouth

How did you become a Lomographer?

I’ve always shared a love and fascination for fisheye lenses. It produces the best kind of distortion for your photos. I took some film photography classes back in college so when I learned that there was a Fisheye film camera, I knew I had to get one.

My Fisheye 2 was my first ever film camera. Originally, I was supposed to buy a Fisheye Baby 110, but some people found it difficult to scout for 110 films in the Philippines so I didn’t push for it. A few weeks before my college graduation, I was just randomly browsing an online marketplace for film cameras and that’s where I got my Fisheye 2. I got it as a graduation gift for myself.

Credits: alwaysheadsouth

Really cool photos with the Fisheye 2. Can you share with us which kinds of shoot/project you usually take the camera for?

I usually bring my Fisheye 2 whenever I’m in transit/commuting or out of town.

But recently, I’ve been playing with its multiple exposure and bulb settings by taking portraits of my friends. Still, need more practice though hehe.

Any favorite photos taken with the Fisheye 2? Why are they your faves?

I usually like taking photos either from a low angle or up close! Here are some of my personal favorites:

Credits: alwaysheadsouth

My Fisheye 2 produced some of my most favorite film accidents, too. :) Capturing light streaks at night always turn out to be so colorful and surprising.

Credits: alwaysheadsouth

Any tips about using the Fisheye 2?

Always experiment with your angles and compositions. Take advantage of the fisheye lens and its multiple features to make everything 10x more interesting. It’s also more fun to play with films that produce strong contrast and colorful outputs (like xpro/slide films). It adds character. :)

We also saw your Cinelomo entry. Do you mind sharing with us the story about this project?

I only had 2 weeks left before the deadline, but I still didn’t have a solid concept for my video. My best friend messaged me out of the blue that he bought a bunny head (for fun) from a surplus store, and that’s how I came up with my entry. (Thanks for the help Jason, Miong, and JR!)

The story behind my entry was patterned after my friend’s day-to-day routine and his battles with his mental illness. I think this was one of the most difficult projects I’ve ever worked on since it hit home a bit too hard.

Anything you want to say to Lomographers out there?

Experiment and research! Personal/Passion projects are always a good start to know more about your camera and its capabilities. :)

Thanks for the quick chat, Blanche!

Give her some lomo love and visit her LomoHome: @alwaysheadsouth.

written by crissyrobles on 2019-11-30

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