Wide-Eyed and Natural Instant Stories

Sometimes, you don't need to be loud and flashy to tell your story. Photography-wise, it's best to let the beauty of the details speak for themselves. Seek natural light, study where it casts shadows and highlights, and compose your photograph. With instant photography, you can do all these things, at your own pace, as soon as inspiration strikes you.

Credits: pearlgirl77, oulpiana, blackdog_wu & klive0420

Traditional instant cameras force flash into subjects, but if you want to shoot a scene without the need for flash, the Lomo'Instant Wide is the ideal choice. With its bulb function and exposure compensation dial, you can shoot brilliant photos in natural lighting conditions.

Credits: blackdog_wu, carolsmemory, klive0420 & faaabii

The Lomo'Instant Wide also gives you ample room for details. Plus, its wider perspective lets you move closer to your subject and shoot from different angles.

Widen your perspective and shoot your visual stories with the Lomo'Instant Wide. Get it from our Online Shop or from one of our Gallery Stores worldwide. We're keeping an eye on the best instant snapshots, so share yours on your LomoHome with the hashtag #lomoinstantwide!

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Lomo'Instant Wide

Lomo'Instant Wide

We're thrilled to introduce the Lomo'Instant Wide — the world's most creative instant wide camera and lens system! Combining high quality craftsmanship with versatile features, the Lomo’Instant Wide is the instant camera for any and every person who revels in capturing every beautiful, bizarre and bewildering moment in a creative, super wide, crisply sharp and perfectly exposed way.

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