Thomas O’Halloran: Right Moments at the Right Time


There is little known about Thomas O’Halloran’s legacy in photojournalism across the Internet, despite having one of the most significant bodies of work in the realm of photojournalism.

Attendees at the 1952 Republican National Convention, Chicago, Illinois; U.S. Marine sits in a foxhole and points a machine gun towards Beirut, Lebanon, in the distance; Dr. Mark Mills drawing diagrams on a blackboard during testimony before the Congressional Joint Atomic Energy Committee hearings on atomic radioactive fallout

He started his career in photography as a rigger of aerial cameras for the Army Air Force. After the war, he joined a portrait studio in Washington. O’Halloran then became a press photographer for the US News and World Report (a magazine that was among the ranks of TIME and Newsweek) for 35 years and became the Chief Photographer of the news magazine. The news magazine was a weekly summary of American and international news with over a two-million circulation in the 70’s across the country.

O’Halloran covered many iconic and memorable events of America, such as the civil rights movement and race relations — the Black Panther convention of the 1970’s, the Beirut conflict, the African-American students who entered Clinton High School in the 50’s — and archived them in the Library of Congress. O’Halloran is known to have started with a medium format Speed Graphic and 4x5” sheet film before moving to 35mm black and white.

Clinton, TN. School integration conflicts; Downtown Little Rock; School integration. Barnard School, Washington, D.C.; President Jimmy Carter at the State of the Union address surrounded by members of Congress, Washington, D.C.]; Jimmy Carter disembarking from the airplane "Peanut One" at the Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Airport for a campaign stop in Pennsylvania; Man in lounge representing U.S. indifference; Macy's Dep[artmen]t. store

Images are from the Library of Congress, public domain.

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    hervinsyah ·

    Speaking about underrated war photographer you should also making the article about Gilles Caron. He were at fire spot of many historical war such as Africa, Irish civil war, etc. Thanks to polka magazine which made me knew him

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