Create a Bigger Picture with Panographs


Looking for a new way of shooting wide-angle scenes, architectural shots, and creative portraits? Create a panograph — a series of photo fragments that are assembled together to make a bigger, complete image.

Credits: blackcoffeeandtantrum

Making a 120 Panograph by homer

For this tipster, Community member homer used an entire roll of 120 film (12 photos) to create a panograph. Learn about his technique and load up on a few rolls of 120 film if you plan on making medium-format panographs!

Credits: homer

Composite Photos

One of our Community members, stratski, shares a step-by-step guide in this tipster. "This is not about getting a perfect representation. Every picture is taken at a subtly different angle. For some you have to tilt your camera up, for others you shoot straight ahead, or turn left or right. The perspective in every picture will differ."

Credits: ranna & paperplanepilot

Instant Panographs

Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different cameras. Instant cameras such as the Lomo'Instant Square Glass, Lomo'Instant Wide or Lomo'Instant Automat are great to use because you can instantly assemble your photos to create a bigger image!

Credits: tommykarate, robertofiuza & anarchy

If you've tried these tips, share your shots on your LomoHome to inspire Lomographers to create their own panographs!


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  1. guin
    guin ·

    I've always loved the results this technique brings :) Some great examples in the article

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