Bike to Help: Cycling from Vienna to Spoleto for Charity


No plans or projects for the summer yet? Perhaps our Lomographic colleague Daniele and his friend Simone might inspire you with their Bike to Help project.

From 29 June to 15 July, Daniele and Simone were cycling all their way from Vienna, Austria, to Spoleto, Italy with an aim for solidarity through the love of cycling and charity. Daniele's hometown Spoleto was hit by recent earthquakes in 2016, and many residents have become victims of the casualties. To show his support, he created the Bike to Help project, a cycling tour that will help fund the Italian Red Cross for reconstruction projects in the area.

“In our small way, we would like to help people in need and create concrete solutions through a charitable activity, which is why we decided to support the Italian Red Cross in its reconstruction projects and activities to support the areas of central Italy hit by the earthquake. Despite the efforts and the great steps forward, there is still much to be done to restore serenity to the inhabitants of central Italy, and that still torn the economic and social fabric,” said Daniele.

The whole trip consisted of 16 stop-overs and almost 1600 km of passing through the areas. Apart from cycling, the team also made the goal of documenting the current situation. The photographic documentation can be found through the project's Instagram.

“During our trip we saw with our eyes the real disaster of the earthquake, supported local businesses and met really interesting people. We cycled almost 1600km with 11000m of elevation gain. This is for sure one of the best experience which will be in our hearts forever.” added Daniele.

While the trip has already concluded, donations are still open until 30 July. Visit the website or Facebook for further information. You can donate a small amount to the Red Cross through Rete del Dono

Truly, Bike to Help was an inspiring move from self-starters such as Daniele and Simone! Make sure to share your Lomographs of your very own cycling experience in the community like this little moodboard:

Credits: primula, locutus, onepicaday, alko, wil6ka, adamo-75 & marjanbuning

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