Tatlong Pulo


Tatlong Pulo literally means Three Islands. A great spot not to miss when you want to relax in the beach. I have always loved going to beaches. This time, we went to Tatlong Pulo. This is in Guimaras Island. It was a fun, mystical beach I say.

The beach itself speaks a lot about the life there. I love hopping on different little islands (of course, there were three islands in there, hence the name).

Going there takes me a stretch of around 1:30 hours. Of course, the ride was lengthy. We have to ride a motorcycle just to get there. I think only a few people know this place, that’s why we enjoyed the beach there. The sunset strikes straight to the horizon view, a good watch and moment together with your loved ones.

Setting up a tent isn’t that difficult, but if you want to sleep in a breezy cottage, there are two available. The beach has white sand, and the island has a great climb if you got the skills of a mountain climber or a hiker. My friends are actually planning to go back in this place and spend another over-night again.

Before I forget, there are also dolphins in that place. The place is filled with corals. Once it is low tide, you can literally walk across the water without getting drowned to get to the other island.

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