Spy Camera Disguised as Cigarette Pack


Care for a smoke? News of a spy camera hidden in a cigarette pack has been making the rounds lately for a good reason. The camera in question sold for a staggering amount of £29,000 at Aston Auctioneers in Dudley, UK.

Kiev-30 subminiature spy camera disguised as cigarette pack © Antiques Trade Gazette

Straight out of a spy movie, the spy camera is cleverly hidden in a seemingly innocent cigarette pack. If you’re a fan of James Bond films, you would easily see how this unique photographic gear would be used. The camera pans to the debonair gentleman enjoying a pack of smokes at a lounge spotting his target for a surveillance mission. He clicks away discreetly, evading suspicion and slipping away with vital information.

Kiev-30 subminiature camera © Soft Visuals, Camera Page Blog, Wikimedia Commons

A metal “cigarette packet” provided a clever housing for the KIEV-30 subminiature camera. The Soviet spy camera is hidden inside, ready to snap photographs anytime, anywhere. The estimated price of the actual camera is said to be around £80-100 but due to its unique and rare setup, it easily rose to the £29,000 winning bid.

Photos taken with the Kiev-30

Seeing these rare cameras pop up at auctions is a joy especially for collectors. One-of-a-kind pieces like this is definitely a must-have for anyone who has an affinity for unique extraordinary pieces. If you’ve got cash to spare and is a die-hard fan of spy movies, you better keep an eye on auction sites to get a chance at snagging one.

Information used in this article was sourced from Antiques Trade Gazette.

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    kiev 30 in Russia you can buy for 10 euro

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