The Standard 4x5: A Do-It-Yourself Large Format Camera

Stuck in a rut? Perhaps it's high-time to for analogue upgrade. Store your 35mm compact cameras and TLRs for a while and give yourself a challenge with The Standard 4x5, a DIY large format camera meant for budding shooters who take the analogue grind seriously.

The camera was designed and 3D-printed by analogue-and-digital photographer Drew Nikonowicz, believing that his creation would help more photography students and educators to experiment with formats at low cost.

"It is affordable, so it is easier to get started. It is lightweight, so you have more freedom to go where your photographs take you. It is durable, so you can focus on being a photographer, not on protecting fragile and expensive gear. And because the design is modular and 3d printed, it’s incredibly fast and easy to upgrade and repair." described Drew.

The Standard 4x5 has a modular design for easy adjustments with the camera as well as parts replacements. Moreover, it's a hands-on way to learn more about the inner workings of the camera obscura.

Here are some stellar features and further information about The Standard 4x5:

  • Accepts Linhof/Wista style lens boards
  • Approximately 100mm to 300mm lenses accepted*
  • Modular design allows for easy modifications and quick part replacements
  • Front Standard Rise/Fall (35mm/45mm), Shift (32mm each way), Swing and Tilt
  • Rear Standard Shift (55mm each way) and Swing
  • All Swing and Tilt movements are only limited by the bellows
  • Only 2 pounds (0.91kg)
  • Bellows constructed in-house - available in Black and Gray
  • 3D Printed using a fully recyclable PETG plastic filament which is very durable and dimensionally stable
  • Anodized aluminum components and stainless steel hardware
  • Ground glass can be quickly removed to use various graflok backs
  • Lens and lensboard are not included.

Here are some photographs from professional photographers, art professors and directors who gave some test-run with The Standard 4x5:

Images by Joe Johnson, Asa Lory, and Marissa Dembkoski.

Drew's The Standard 4x5 is available at Kickstarter, starting at USD 260.00 per kit until 6 August 2018. Check out the Kickstarter page for more information.

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