Monday Moodboard: A Tropical Vibe

How do you destress yourself so early in a Monday morning? You wake up with weekday anxiety in your mind, worrying about errands and workload to fill in your schedule. It's already a nightmare just by thinking about it. Close your eyes for a while and think of relaxing things, such as the all-blue horizon, the crash of the waves, the faint wind brushing through palm trees, and the refreshing coconut juice on your hand. Work hard, play harder with this week's tropical Monday Moodboard.

Credits: bravebird, ashgowan, mikeluntzilla, warning, mayprodrigo, explorette, wenella & maryjane

Got another Lomographic aesthetic to share for the Lomographic community? Share your favorite chilling photos below the comments section!

2018-07-23 #culture #monday-moodboard #tropical-vibe

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