Easy Tricks for Stunning Light Streaks


Shooting with bulb mode can be one of the most thrilling ways to craft creative night shots. Cars in transit, neon signs, lamp posts, and lit-up storefronts turn into amazing, colorful light streaks on long exposure. Other light sources such as glow sticks, flashlights, or Lomography light painters will also come in handy if you want to step up your light streak game. So set aside your flash, grab a tripod, and a Lomography camera with Bulb (B) setting and get light streaking!

Credits: sumlom

Setting your camera on bulb mode allows you to keep the shutter open for as long as you like This process lets you draw ambient light into your lens, which is why it’s best at nighttime. If you set your camera on bulb mode during the daytime, your photos will be overexposed.

Credits: hodachrome, endorphin & achmad-magabutz

To get started, switch your camera to bulb mode. Prop your camera on a steady surface or tripod, or go freestyle and move your camera around for crazy and unpredictable results! When you press the shutter button and let all the light in, the camera will record the light streaks, so it's also the ideal time for you to start swishing and scribbling with your light painting tools. Draw figures, write words, or just move your hand around randomly. Release the shutter button once you’re done — and that's it!

Diana F+

The classic Diana F+ yields a radiant and dreamy effect. For smooth, shake-free light streaks make sure to keep your camera steady on a tripod. A slight shake will result in soft blurs and glows — something to keep in mind if you're lookinggoing for a more abstract look.

Credits: nickpage, candeeland, susielomovitz & jandra

Fisheye No. 2

With the Fisheye No. 2 you get a 170-degree perspective, so use it to your advantage and shoot from different angles for creative distortions. Use it to enclose your vibrant light streaks in a compact circle!

Credits: tracyvmoore, chikapop, emma-sailor, sverrall & geltona

Lomo LC-A+

Ok, so the Lomo LC-A+ doesn't have bulb mode,but that shouldn't stop you from doing long exposures: simply cover the light meter with your finger or a piece of black tape.

Credits: elusif, ohlordy, aim2run, sadmafioso & fuzztone04

Ready to try shooting light streaks? Pick your Lomography camera from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you! And don't forget to share your photos on your LomoHome, we're always super delighted to see your snaps!

2018-08-15 #gear

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