Daydreaming in New York: A Series by Luc Kordas


For Luc Kordas, there's just something else. When living in London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Edinburgh, Luc didn't see himself as a street photographer... that is, until he visited New York City in 2008. There's no other place for street photography like New York, and Luc has set himself apart from the overabundance of photographers – Magnum hotshots to upcoming youngsters – scurrying around Big Apple streets.

Being deemed as the city of dreams, Luc played on this theme as he discovered many of his subjects in pictures to be closing their eyes in medias res, as if in a state of daydream.

“New York being the city of dreams is just a myth of the likes of Los Angeles or Paris being a city of love. Those are cliches from the past that are no longer true. New York is no longer a statue to the American dream. It's true that there are more opportunities, but life is hard here, especially for someone like me who comes from Europe, a place where the quality of life is higher on many levels,” said Luc.

Their bodies are here, but their minds are elsewhere.

“I think a lot of people around the world have this image of the Big Apple as the city of dreams, but I assure it is also a city of nightmares that lures many immigrants by the shiny appearances and then shows them the actual day-to-day reality.” he added.

The beauty of Luc's “Daydreamers” series is the photographs included were taken by chance and observation from his very own collection of street photographs. Luc makes something out of his creative clutter — a fresher spin of an old New Yorker story.

“The beauty of art is that you can make something out of nothing. You can put a spin on most mundane things. I like to think they all dream the same dream, that they're connected, but the truth is I just accidentally caught them blinking. That's it. What are they dreaming of? Probably getting out of the city!”

Visit Luc's website and Instagram for more of his works.

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