Tips for Shooting Lomographic Sunsets


Sunsets — you've seen one, you've seen them all, right? Unless of course you're looking through Lomographic lenses, then you can really give this often-photographed subject a fresh new look. Here are some quick tips for starters!

Credits: lomomowlem

Integrate Simple Elements

With the sun dipping on the horizon, it's tempting to shoot the beautiful sky as you see it. But keep an eye on extra details that may add to your composition: a boat sailing by or a slice of urban life. You don't even need to include the sky in your photo — the glow of the Golden Hour can be good enough, too. Check out the gorgeous vignetting these Community members managed to achieve with the Lomo LC-A+.

Credits: kylesherman, fotobes, gunship & future_analog

Do a Double-Take

Time and time again, we’ve always marveled at how multiple exposures can bring a unique perspective to any photo. Use the sunset as a colorful texture to create a new visual story. Switch on the MX (multiple exposure) button of your Lomo LC-A+ (or any Lomography camera with the MX mode) before taking your first shot.

Credits: lomomowlem, fotobes & gocchin

Play with Color

Sunset colors are naturally awesome — the deep hues and amazing gradients are truly unbeatable. But if you want to try a different color shift, use slide film and have it cross-processed, or experiment with color gel filters.

Credits: dabai, lazybuddha & paula412

From sun up to sun down, you can rely on the Lomo LC-A+ to capture your colorful moments. Let us in on your fondest memories and share your shots on your LomoHome! Visit the Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you to see the rest of the our fantastic cameras, lenses and funky films.

2018-08-17 #gear #tutorials


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