Cut from the Rest: An Interview with Antoine Spignardo

Today we introduce the work of Antoine Spignardo, who's unique process of combining mixed media in a fashion context has been reaching greater and greater heights in the city of Los Angeles as of late. Please enjoy this hand picked selection of images as we talk to the artist about his process and selection!

Please, briefly introduce yourself —

Hi my name is Antoine Spignardo Im a Fashion Photographer currently based in Los Angeles CA

How do you implement the collage aspects of your photography into actual work, or is it more for personal use?

Hmm this is a tough one for me actually because it originally was just a personal project that started out of my sketching journal then I started getting great responses from agencies and clients so I recently started integrating them into my portfolio its just about finding a nice balance between the two without confiding to a single category.

What do you think is gained from the combination of two or more images as apposed to the single image?

A single image can be very powerful and I find myself when I'm shooting just looking to capture that one image, but also at the same time I'm watching movements and body language can see I want to tell more of a story thats where the multiple images come in when I can blend single images into one another and expand on the expression from a single image.

What got you into fashion photography?

My personal love for fashion definitely contributed to me getting Into it and the freedom it gives you with capturing moods and eras into the photos it is a constant challenge to showcase fashion and I love it.

Do you think if you were in another genre of photography you would be doing the same collages, and if not how would they be different?

I don’t think I would be doing collages in another genre it would feel more like scrap booking to me and I would have less artistic freedom.

How do you incorporate both negative film and instant film into these works?

When I'm shooting I love mixing in different formats. Ideas will pop into my head of ways I can shoot instant film to expand on negative and vice versa whether it be as simple as cutting them up and glueing them together or a more time consuming process with multiple layers of images and bits and pieces of materials.

What's next for you?

Im hard on myself and always trying to push harder my goal for this new year is to shoot a major campaign for one of my favorite designers and make it to NYC a lot more maybe even move who knows only time will tell!

Where else can we find your work?

You can find my work on my website & my Instagram - @anttmann

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