The Art of the Self-portrait


Before the term ‘selfie’ became a thing, the self-portrait was a way to express one’s self through photography. The artist becomes the subject as the lens is turned towards them. We’ve seen a lot of self-portraits from different masters of photography. The simple image of the photographer isn’t only an artistic tool, it can also document changes and life itself.

Credits: orangebird

We’ve gathered a pool of interesting self-portraits from the Community to illustrate the effect of this humble photography technique. Go on and take a look and you might just find the inspiration you’re looking for to up your self-portrait game.

Use Your Emotions

Feelings can become a good source of inspiration. Communicate what you’re feeling and use self-portraits as a way to express it. Let your joy, sadness, excitement, and whatever emotion you have as a subject. Self-portraits are about you. Make it look like that.

Credits: lusisilu

Add Color to Your Frame

Color is a powerful element even when taking self-portraits. Don’t be afraid to take photos with a nice background involved. Use it as an accessory. Go on and experiment with punchy colors to make that photo pop out.

Credits: sweetyyydreams

Bring Your Interests Into the Mix

Have a hobby you’re proud of? Incorporate it into your images. Let your craft speak for you. Tell your story and add your own twist. It’s your image, own it.

Credits: ping-junior

Use Places and Objects

Found something that catches your attention? Take a picture with it. Document your daily life with self-portraits, including the things and places that inspire you to take a photograph.

Credits: traaaart

Mirrors Are Your Friend

Reflections are a big part of self-portraits so mirrors are your best buddy when composing a shot. Mix things up and add other elements to make it a memorable one. Some of the most creative self-portraits are done with the help of mirrors. There’s no harm in trying it out!

Credits: duffman

Composition, Composition, Composition

Straight up is boring. Try different ways to frame your shot. Tilt your camera, shoot from down below, get close, and more. Go crazy with the combinations.

Credits: popoti

Self-portraits are fun and the best part of it is that you decide how they will turn out. Be artistic and creative. Explore different ways to capture the image that you have in mind.

How about you? Do you have self-portrait tips you’d like to add to the list? Share them with the Community in the comment section below! We’d love to see those wildly creative self-portraits taken on film.

written by cheeo on 2018-08-12 #self-portraits


  1. lafilledeer
    lafilledeer ·

    @popoti :)

  2. srcardoso
  3. wahiba
    wahiba ·

    I won a Sardinia with a self portrait and had another picked for a show at Nation Portrait Gallery. Same camera, Olympus mu 2, same motorcycle and about 10 years between them. Always worth a punt.

  4. wahiba
    wahiba ·

    PS. Avatar selfie with Instant Square.

  5. popoti
    popoti ·

    @lafilledeer ohhh merci j'avais pas vu eheh

  6. popoti
    popoti ·

    @lafilledeer ohhh merci j'avais pas vu eheh

  7. milicat
    milicat ·

    My tip is: Use a tripod and camera with self timer and go somewhere public

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