LomoAmigo Jez Dior and the Lomo'Instant Wide

Jez Dior is a hip-pop artist whose background of growing up in the music industry puts him in a unique position to experiment and have a vast knowledge of music and the music industry. His aesthetic holds high significance to him and the photos he took with the Lomo'Instant Wide are direct reflections of that. Jez shared with us his music identity, exploration with the camera as well as the brand-new video he released yesterday.

Hi Jez, welcome to the magazine, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and yourself as a rapper?

First and foremost, I don’t identify myself as a rapper. Yes, I rap...but I also sing and I also just make music from my heart. Whatever emotion I feel comes out on my records. I love rap music, and love hip-hop culture...but I would never call myself a “rapper”. I just make music that I hope will reach kids that are similar to how I was when I was growing up. Anyways, Hi! I’m Jez, from LA & I like football and music and nothing else!

You grew up around music and the music industry, what about music do you love the most?

Music can save people. Music basically saved me and all my close friends. It’s everything, you can’t really put it into words.

The photos you took with the Lomo'Instant Wide seem to be in the recording studio, what is your recording process like?

It’s different on any given day to be honest...I just moved and built a really dope studio in my new house so some days it literally starts with me hopping in the shower then hopping in the studio just me & my dog. Other days, I’ll have sessions with different producers, some I know & some I don’t. Music creates beautiful relationships in matter of hours so I always love working with new people.

Why do you think photography is important in the music industry?

Aesthetics are everything. Before you hear a song you see cover art. After you hear a song you go to the artist’s Instagram. It drives the overall experience of being a fan. Photography is the one of the most important aspects of being an artist.

What was your experience like working with the Lomo'Instant Wide?

So fire!!! The fact that I can bring my camera anywhere and instantly have a dope picture is everything.

What do you like about working with something as gratifying as instant photography?

I’m one for instant gratification haha and I definitely get that with this camera.

If you can pick 2-3 photos and give it a little bit more context or build a 2-3 sentence story to it, what would it be?

I love how the double exposure of these two turned out. I feel like the aesthetic speaks to the honesty in my music that comes so easily, while it’s harder for me to express those feelings in my everyday life. These shots capture the multiple facets, and that’s what I’m trying to show in my music.

If you had to visualize your next release, what would it look like?


What can we expect to see from you in the future?


Check out Jez Dior's brand new video "Cocaine"

You can see more of Jez on their Instagram and listen to their music on Soundcloud. You can also purchase the Lomo'Instant Wide on our Lomography Online Shop.

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