Summer Snaps with the Diana Instant Square

Sunny days, afternoons at the beach and delicious dripping ice cream. Summer is a great time to get out and explore the world. We’ve been out and about soaking up the summer sun and shooting with our latest instant playmate, the Diana Instant Square. Stick around for a delightful dose of inspiration and crash course for creating your own sun-kissed summertime shots.

Photo by Samuel Eder

Get Set. Go!

Before you get snapping make sure your aperture is dialed in so you can capture your memories in the detail they deserve. Follow the built-in shooting guide to expose your shots like an expert, and freeze those fabulous beachside barbeques in stunning analogue beauty.

Photos by mirella

Mesmerizing Multiple Exposures

Feeling adventurous? Why not try out multiple exposure mode to mash together surreal scenes. Just switch the Diana Instant Square to MX mode and shoot to your heart's content, then switch back to normal mode and watch your creation come to life in your fingertips.

Photo by Samuel Eder

Let Light Leaks Loose

Streaks of yellow, splashes of light and brilliant bursts of color — light leaks are the heart and soul of the original 1960s Diana camera. You’ll get this wonderful effect with the Diana Instant Square, too! As you explore, travel and grow with this box of lo-fi magic by your side so too will its glorious light leaks. Try angling your lens to the sun or other bright lights to steep your snaps in fantastic flares and streaks of unpredictable light.

Photos by Samuel Eder and Lomography

Creative Composure

Rule number 1 — take your camera everywhere you go. The Diana Instant Square wants to live by your side, and is always ready and raring to capture your life regardless of who, what, when, where or why. Make your Diana Instant Square an extension of yourself, carry it everywhere you go and soak up the beautiful intimacies of everyday life.

Photos by Lomography and FRENCHYFYL

Wanna get in on all the lof-fi action? Preorder your very own daring Diana Instant Square now!

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Diana Instant Square

Diana Instant Square

Shake off expectations and let the Diana Instant Square fill your frame with unpredictable beauty. There’s no re-take, no post-production polishing — you snap the shot and seconds later you hold a beautiful picture filled with strong, saturated colors and soft, moody vignetting in your hands.

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