Contrast in Monochrome — Street Candy ATM 400 Film


You have to love small independent companies for finding ways to bring new film products to the table. It’s this movement that very much keeps our hopes up for the film photography industry. On Film Only (OFO) came out with their new black and white film, Street Candy ATM 400.

Street Candy ATM 400 © On Film Only

Made initially for surveillance use, the ATM 400 film offers good contrast with a lot of character in black and white. Images look balanced and have great tones — making it a nice choice to set up moody monochrome shots. What was once used for security cameras now found its way to recycled film canisters, ready to take on different creative applications.

According to the On Film Only site, ATM 400 gives great results when exposed at box speed and that it can be pushed or pulled up to one stop. The relatively high sensitivity and contrast of the film also give it great range when used for street photography where varying light conditions are involved.

Street Candy ATM 400 sample shots © On Film Only

The panchromatic black and white film didn’t come in 35 mm format at first but OFO had it cut up and spooled into recycled canisters. Due to that process, use of the ATM 400 in fully automatic/motorized cameras are discouraged to avoid issues with film advance.

Street Candy ATM 400 sample shots © On Film Only

In an article published on Emulsive, Vincent Moschetti, the brains behind the project, talks about the Street Candy ATM 400 film and how it came to be. It’s really a passion project for Vincent and with the help of other like-minded individuals and support from the film photography community, the film was well on its way to becoming an exotic choice for black and white photography.

These are exciting times indeed for the film community. Makers are really going out of their way to provide people with unique film choices. Props to Vincent and the whole team behind Street Candy for a job well done!

We would like to thank Vincent for supplying us with the photos. All information used in this article was sourced from On Film Only, PDN Online, and Emulsive.

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  1. wahiba
    wahiba ·

    Great idea and good films. Often on a thinner base so be careful if DIY processing. Old Agfa Rondinax Daylight tank did not load properly, traditional hand loading OK. I used an Ilford surveillance stock.

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