PinBox — Your Back to Basics 120 Pinhole Camera

The DIY spirit is strong with this new project from Hamm Camera Company. Introducing the PinBox Camera Obscura — a DIY pinhole camera that caters to both beginners and advanced photographers alike.

Still fresh from the company’s creative factory, PinBox is a cross between a creative and a learning tool. The people over at Hamm Camera Co. wanted something that can be both used to take lo-fi photographs and teach newcomers the basics of camera building. Their aim was to inspire the maker community with a simple camera that everyone can build themselves.

Every PinBox kit comes with a blueprint so users can go and create additional cameras as they go on. PinBox is essentially an exercise in camera design and building. Not only do users get to learn more about the fundamentals of building their own camera, they can also get creative with the way they approach the build process. It’s fun and educational, just the way photography is supposed to be.

Advanced photographers can also get a kick out of the PinBox. The cardboard pinhole camera leaves much to the imagination — both in the crafting process and actual image making. The chemical-etched pinhole is precise while the 3D-machined spool holders makes easy work of film advancing and rewinding. In addition, the fact that PinBox takes 120 film makes it a great choice for experimental photography. Experienced users will love how such a simple camera can capture artistic 6x6 images in a matter of minutes.

PinBox is the follow up to Hamm Camera’s previous creation, the NuBox1. Hamm Camera Co. took to Kickstarter to fund their new camera project and it has already passed its $2,000 goal. The cardboard pinhole box camera is getting a lot of love and that makes our analogue heart happy. If you’re a fan of pinhole photography and DIY projects then this new offering from Hamm Camera Co. might be a good choice for you. Head over to their Kickstarter campaign and place your pledge.

We would like to thank Robert Hamm for supplying the images and information for this article. If you’re interested in their work, you may head over to their website to see more.

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