Monday Moodboard: A Salad for the Dog Days

What's worse than waking up to a Monday? It's waking up to a hot, Monday morning, feeling all lightheaded. We say you need your fruity intake and juice up! Refreshing and revitalizing your body in the dawn of summer with in-season fruits like apricots, tomatoes, melons, berries, cherries and more is another sweet way to start off the weekday grind. Here's our colorful fruit salad of a Monday Moodboard for your inspiration!

Credits: vici, cocaneonkamerasutra, fede-tb1, djmac, natalieerachel, kleeblatt, rvhp, luucasmo, -vali-, arurin, thanigosky & vgzalez

Snap an analogue selfie with your fruity snack and share them on your LomoHome. Share some of your unique ways in beating the Monday blues by dropping a comment below!

2018-07-16 #culture #fruits #monday-mooboard

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