Inside the World of Violette Nell

French photographer and student Violette Nell probably dreams of old Parisian streets and Pictorialists, and through her camera, she reimagines them, but with a purple palette. For Violette, the color purple matches every emotion a person can feel, and at times would combine a color or two. Get to know more about Violette's artistic photography with our interview.

Hi Violette! How are you doing these days as a photographer?

These days I continue to work on one of my personal projects called The Eye of Paris.

Let's talk about your photography style. The color violet is the main factor in the aesthetic. How did you come up with the style?

It came gradually, I always paid particular attention to colors in my photographic work; As I went along, when I selected the photos to be posted on the Internet, I noticed that this color came back quite often. It was from there that I decided to put violet at the heart of my artistic approach. But I'm not limited to one color, I love it as a whole.

Apart from the subject having the natural purple color, what materials or techniques do you also use to achieve the violet in the photos?

Most of the time, I use LomooChrome Purple film that gives tones that are close to my own style. Furthermore, I love creating homemade filters that give purple shades to certain parts of my image. I also adjust colors through Lightroom. It depends on the context of the image.

Color is part of the photographic composition. What is the significance of the color violet for you?

I've always enjoyed this color since I was a kid. It evokes to me both appeasement and mystery, which helps me to develop my imaginary. The color violet matches with all kinds of emotions; It's at the same time a soft and hard color, which I like to combine with other colors, like orange or blue, depending on the mood I want to create.

If you could work or collaborate with any photographer, artist or person, dead, alive or fictional, who would it be?

My model in art has nothing to do with photography, but If I had the opportunity to collaborate with an artist, I would certainly have chosen to work with Camille Claudel, a well-known French female sculptor, whom I find very inspiring. Her work is an ode to intimacy and it's one of my favorite themes. She is a fascinating artist who has been able to evolve in her work; at the end of her life, she showed audacity by detaching herself from Rodin's influence with her smaller sculptures...

What's a day in the life of Violette Nell?

My typical day is essentially artistic based on my photographic projects and research; Art and Culture play a central part in my life; when I have free time, my brain is constantly on fire, I'm always looking for new ideas to enrich my work. I usually draw, I like discovering new horizons; my artistic universe is not only limited to photography but also includes other arts such as painting and cinema.

What do you usually do during your downtime? Any on-going project, or other plans you're keen to work on?

Right now, I'm focused on my photographic work mainly based on the city of Paris and the theme of the intimate portrait but in the future, I would like to associate these with my passion for travel.

Visit Violette on 500px and Flickr for more of her works.

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