Bruce Springsteen Rock and Roll Future — Photo Book by Barry Schneier

The year was 1974 and the stage was set for one of music history’s greatest artists. Bruce Springsteen along with the E Street band were live at the Harvard Square Theatre. They were opening for singer Bonnie Raitt, and photographer Barry Schneier had front row seats to the historic act that was about to unfold.

© Barry Schneier

Fast forward to 2018 and Springsteen is known as the hitmaker behind the anthem Born in the USA, and slow jams like Brilliant Disguise and Streets of Philadelphia. “The Boss” was indeed rock and roll’s future, Schneier knew it in his gut that’s why he encouraged promoters to book the young Springsteen for the show. A wise investment it would turn out.

This is where Bruce Springsteen, Rock and Roll Future comes in. Schneier’s new photo book revolves around this unforgettable night in Springsteen’s career. The photographer bearing witness to this moment in history, capturing the scenes as they happened, freezing and preserving everything as they were. Schneier’s photos of the night remained largely unseen until now. They tell the story about how the music icon came to be.

© Barry Schneier

The photographer took to Kickstarter to fund the photo book and it’s no surprise that the campaign already went beyond the initial goal. After all, the photos in the book are part of music history and not to mention they were beautifully captured by a photographer who has a great eye for moments.

Take this chance to grab a copy or two and support the campaign. You’ll own not just a piece of music history but also the work of a great artist and photographer. There’s still some time left and if you’re lucky, you just might get some exclusive items from their Kickstarter project.

We would like to thank Barry Schneier and his team for the photos used in this article. If you’re interested in the photo book and Barry’s work, you may head over to his website for more.

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