Color Chronicles: The Fashionable Jonquil


The color jonquil is a bright yellow that took its name from the cylindrical tubular projection of the jonquil flower itself, specifically, the Narcissus jonquilla. Jonquil is a favorite among fashion experts of then and now, and aside from other yellows that show off eternal happiness and sunshine, it's also a color of domestic bliss.

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The term jonquil was first used as a color in 1789, coming from the Latin joncus, meaning rush. Because the color is often found in nature thanks to the daffodil, the color's been used to describe natural and organic bright-yellow-hued things, like flowers, gemstones, to birds.

American writer and fashion-colors expert Katy Kelleher wrote inThe Paris Review cites Edinburgh Magazine (1791) to have published an article about canary birds, describing the avian's color, "jonquil Canary-bird". Moreover, the color belongs to the Regency era (the era before the Victorian era), and was the must-have color of 1801 in Parisian spring-and-summer fashion. As with sartorial trends, jonquil also took over interior design and home decorations in the turn of the 19th century — the family room in the Grand Trianon Palace at the Versailles is one prime example of a jonquil-hued interior.

Thus, jonquil may just have its comeback. In fact, Kelleher predicts its upcoming popularity for the summer:

“It’s [Jonquil] cheery and light. Like mules and kitten heels, two vintage styles that have burst forth from our history books and onto our feet, jonquil feels like the next big thing in yesterday’s fashion.”

So how about trending this vintage color to photography? Go bold by using yellow filters outdoors. The intenser the sunlight, the better. For more experienced photographers, we recommend using reversal films such as the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 120 for vibrancy.

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