Strand Bookstore & Lomography Present: Author Jeremiah Moss With the Simple Use Film Camera

This summer we've teamed up with the wonderful, legendary Strand Bookstore for a very special series of LomoWalks throught the summer. New York City is an inspiring place for writers and photographers alike. So we thought we might as well combine these two forms of art and find out what people will create when the written word is supposed to inspire your creative eye.

Jeremiah Moss

For our upcoming Strand Book X LomoWalk, we are thrilled to have the author of the blog and novel Vanishing New York on board to provide some inspiring written quotes for the participants. In addition to that, Jeremiah Moss took one of our Simple Use Film Cameras out for a journey through the city beforehand.

Whoever is familiar with Jeremiah's work, will have a similar feeling of curiosity, as we had, when we gave him the camera. Moss knows this city like the back of his hand and has been studying its changes and gentrification closely for more than a decade. What does he capture in the streets of this city that, according to his novel's subtitle, lost its soul? How does he express his feelings towards New York City with pictures instead of words for a change?

Here is a little sneak peek:

Jeremiah Moss
Jeremiah Moss

Come join us and Jeremiah for our second Strand Book X LomoWalk on Saturday, July 14th and see the author's complete photo series taken with our Simple Use Film Camera.

To join, simply purchase your own Simple Use Film Camera through Strand Books here and you're automatically signed up. Jump with us lens-first into the bustling streets of New York—one frame at a time. Switch up your perspective and learn something new from other analogue enthusiasts as well as book lovers.

Follow Jeremiah Moss' eyes through New York on his Instagram and get to know his Vanishing New York if you haven't yet.

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