Awesome Light Painting Shots with the Diana Instant Square!


Are the sweltering summer days getting in the way of your lomographic lifestyle? Well fear not, we've come up with a few tips and tricks to give your instants the spotlight they deserve. We used our latest instant innovation — the mighty Diana Instant Square — to electrify our nighttime antics with lo-fi magic. But, it doesn't take a magician to recreate these luminescent little beauties — if you follow these simple steps — you too can craft your very own dramatic dinosaurs and sparkly silhouettes!

Photo by Samuel Eder

Get Sparkly

Add another dimension to your Diana Instant Square nighttime snaps with some sporadic sparkler fun! Start by throwing your camera on a tripod and planning out your shot — once the sparkler is lit, there’s no going back!

Once you're ready, switch over to Bulb Mode (B) and fully open the aperture to capture your light paintings in the bright and sharp quality they deserve. Finally, grab an extra pair of hands to pull the trigger you’re all set to start burning the night away. Try outlining your friends, writing your name or just go wild with crazy light patterns.

Photo by Samuel Eder

Multiple Exposure Madness

Start by switching your Diana Instant Square to Multiple Exposure (MX) and Bulb (B) mode. Now aim, focus and compose your shot — then pull the trigger and fire the flash to illuminate the canvas of your masterpiece. Oh, and don't forget to get your friends to strike a cool pose!

Now you’ve shot your first frame — this is where the fun begins. Whip out your light painter and start doodling away. Let your imagination run wild. Why not turn your friends into angels, or make plumes of magic light erupt out of their hands? Once you’re done doodling turn off MX mode to eject your image and watch your glowing masterpiece come to life in seconds.

Photos by Samuel Eder

Bring Dinosaurs Back From the Dead

Set prehistoric giants loose in your neighborhood with this cool light painting project.
Find an open space and get your camera set up on a tripod, and make a note of the edges of your frame — this will come in handy later! Then, start mapping out the body of your dinosaurs with place markers (such as rocks, shoes, whatever is to hand!), leaving a little clue for each corresponding body part (such as legs, tail, head, neck). Once you've mapped out your picture, grab your light painter and get painting away!

Photo by Samuel Eder

Not a fan of dinosaurs? No problem. The beauty of light painting is that your imagination really is the only limit. Try creating forests of glowing trees, scary mummies or UFOs! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the night!

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