Film Scanning and Digitizing Made Easy With the pixl-latr

You might know Hamish Gill, photographer, writer, and author over at the awesome photography blog 35mmc. Well, there’s an addition to that list. He’s also come up with an invention to keep film scanning and digitizing easily accessible. Welcome, the pixl-latr.

© Hamish Gill

Film scanning and digitizing can be quite the struggle but the new pixl-latr takes care of that in a snap. It can keep your different size films firm and flat so you can digitize it with your camera. All you need is a good light source to rest your films on and you're all set. The pixl-latr also solves back lighting issues with the included diffuser.

© Hamish Gill

The little device is modular so users can digitize different film sizes including 35mm, 120, and 5x4 formats. Hamish did really well in designing the pixl-latr as it’s quite well thought of. The system is easy to understand and use — place the film on the diffuser, align it with the locator pins, then use the designated gates for the film size you’re working with. A really simple solution to a problem, and quite an effective one at that.

Test shots scanned and digitized using the pixl-latr. The prototype was used in the 35 mm photo with sprocket holes. Hamish added that the final version of the pixl-latr will not crop images in this manner. © Hamish Gill

Hamish took to Kickstarter to fund the project and it’s not a surprise that it already went beyond its initial goal. If you’re someone who likes going the DIY route, then this nifty gadget may be for you. Catch the campaign and be one of the lucky backers to first receive the pixl-latr.

This is what happens when a creative mind encounters a problem. Hamish really went around the film scanning and digitizing issue that a lot of photographers know too well and made a solution that is both effective and accessible to everyone. Way to go, Hamish!

We would like to thank Hamish for sending us the photos for this feature. If you're interested in the pixl-latr, you may learn more about it in his website and Kickstarter campaign.

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