Low-Light Photos We Wish We Took with the LC-Wide

Blue Hour is slowly creeping in. Shop fronts are switching on their lights, neon signs and traffic lights are beginning to glow. With a fresh roll of high ISO film in one hand and a Lomo LC-Wide in the other, you're all set to shoot breathtaking scenes in low-light. Here are some night owl-approved photos from the Community we think you should know about…

Credits: lomography

Rush Hour

After a grueling day at work, people either rush back home, or shuffle onto public transport like sardines. Both scenarios present great photo opportunities. The Lomo LC-Wide has two easy focus settings, so you can quickly snap a photo whether you're near or far from your subject.

Credits: qrro & ccwu

Nighttime in the City

What could be more alluring than bright city lights? Wander into the streets and seek the light — it could be anything from a stream of cars in transit to the twinkling windows from skyscrapers. Keep your camera steady on a tripod, switch the focus to infinity, and click that shutter to freeze the twinkling moment. If you want light streaks to appear on the photo, trick your Lomo LC-Wide to shoot on Bulb mode by using a piece of black tape over the light meter.

Credits: kylesherman, bujidubabi, opon21 & frenchyfyl

Vanishing Points

After the madness of rush hour commute has died down, empty walkways make great subjects for a mysterious shot. Vanishing points, lone subjects, and somewhat eerie lighting help set up the mood. Photos like these only work when you've got a wide-angle lens. At 17 mm, the Lomo LC-Wide sure is a knockout choice for capturing vanishing points. Take advantage of this expansive view, prop your camera on a steady surface, take a deep breath, and press the shutter button!

Credits: vgzalez & porkchopsandy

Doing an all-nighter with friends? Keep the Lomo LC-Wide handy to capture your nocturnal moments. Don’t forget to load a roll of 35 mm film (preferably 400 ISO and higher) and you're good to go. Snap away, share your favorite shots on your LomoHome, we're always on the lookout for the most inspiring photos! If you don't have the LC-Wide yet, you can get yours from our Online Shop or from a nearby Gallery Store.

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