CineStill Introduces Single-Step B&W Monobath Processing with New Solution

Easy and simple-to-use is what CineStill was aiming for with their new DF96 B&W Monobath Solution. The film photography company introduced their new product just a little over a month ago and it promises to deliver quality b&w processing in a quick and affordable manner.

© CineStill

Welcome the DF96 “Developer & Fix” Monobath Simple-step Solution. That maybe a mouthful but CineStill assures you that the name will be the only thing needing your extra attention. Their new monobath solution is ready-to-use out of the bottle and is capable of processing films at 80°F in just three minutes.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions for processing at any room temperature neatly printed on the label and is an all-in-one solution. No need for additional chemicals that can be a real hassle to work with. What’s in the bottle is everything you’ll need. This will be very useful for the DIY photographer who wants a more stable chemical to work with. Beginners may also find this new solution quite forgiving as it is fairly easier to use than conventional developer/fixer formulas.

Sample shots developed with DF96 Monobath Solution © CineStill

One thing that discourages people from developing their own films at home is the cost. If you’re not a frequent shooter, then it might not be wise to buy a ton of materials just so you can develop a few rolls. The DF96 will do the work for you efficiently without breaking the bank. A liter of the product can develop 16+ rolls of film according to CineStill. Not only that, they say that their new developer/fixer can be reused given you pour the used solution back into the bottle and add 15 seconds for each roll that was previously processed. Talk about being cost-effective.

It’s really great to hear news like this especially now that more and more people seem to be more attracted to shooting with film. Companies like CineStill proves that the film community is very much alive and that even small players in the industry are doing their part to reinvigorate the scene by releasing new and helpful products for all film enthusiasts to use.

If you’re interested in learning more about CineStill’s new black and white film solution, you may head over to their website for the complete info. We also have some development tools in stock in the Online Shop if you’re really keen on trying your hand at DIY processing.

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