Stories Through Collages by Guillaume Chiron

What would it be like to create your own realities out of nowhere? That's what collage artist Guillaume Chiron's oeuvre is all about, and likes to portray humans as colossal giants over humorous compositions. All looking very domestic as most of the giant subjects act as they are in daily life, the collages create meanings of their own. Maybe it's all Darwinian; telling more about humans being at the top of the food chain, or perhaps nothing more but a funny fictional series.

Whatever it is, Gillaume's collages are witty and clever. Here's the man himself to speak about his works.

Soin #3 2016; Lus-belles-femmes-du-monde

Hi Gillaume! How is your creative journey so far as an artist?

Hi there! It’s going great! For the last two years, I have been doing more and more exhibitions and I must admit that it’s really nice to finally get the art I have been creating in my living room out there for the world to see.

You mostly work in collage, how did you get started with it?

The idea of collage first came to me while creating fanzines with high school friends. I then started painting when I was in Art School and I surimposed black and white pictures on Rhodoids (an incombustible thermoplastic derived from cellulose acetate) with an old overhead projector. That helped me do my art. Even though it was just painting, the idea of juxtaposition of images was already there. I worked on various associations to create anachronisms or visual impacts.

At the same time, I was also part of a music band called Microfilm where we used to create sound collages. We sampled old movies which were dubbed in French to create the lyrics.

Saut de l_ange 2017; Uranium, Radium, Podium 2017

Do you have certain 'stories' you'd like to tell through the collages?

I don’t like to give the spectators a real definition of my work but rather let them be interpreted freely. Every college creates it’s own story. It’s like a distanced vision on the world, how do we put it in perspective by using various artifacts? And then there are the new stories which emerge when the images are placed next to one another during my exhibitions. The title can also bring us a new interpretation.

Partie de golf 2017; Bison futé 2017; coin fumeur 2017

Where do you get your materials for collages?

I have been collecting loads of old books at home for a long time. I generally find them in flee markets or thrift shops such as Emmaüs. I pick out the images that look interesting which I then categorize.

presqu_un poirier 2017;bunker parc 2017; les_bains_turcs 2017

What or who inspires you to create such unique pieces?

The ideas appear in my head when I handle the images I have collected. I often only use two pictures and one background. My inspiration really only comes from the images, they guide my creative vibe.

Perdu dans l_espace (les savants)2017; Nous sommes des architectes #1 2017; Simple comme bonjour 2017; Aplat de couture 2016

Would you love to collaborate with another artist of any field?

I don’t really have anyone in mind, I honestly prefer meeting new people and surprises. I like working with musicians to create record covers, even though it can sometimes be hard. Vinyl covers are like big picture books, I have already done a few and it is very gratifying to receive the LP with my work on it.

LA_NOYEE2; JUS_DE_CERVEAU_2; Tête haute 2016

What do you usually do during rest time? Any upcoming project we should know?

I work for a place called Le Confort Moderne. I am a curator and therefore help organize a lot of projects with plasterers and musicians. I help them concretize projects that we elaborate together and which often necessitate volunteers. It is thrilling and takes up a lot of my time. I am currently working on a new exhibit in a castle which is planned for 2019. I can’t say more for now!

Visit Guillaume's website and Instagram for more of his works. You may purchase his book ˝Apprendre Avec des Pincettes˝ in his online shop.

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