Introducing the Intrepid 4x5 MK3 Field Camera

Traditional large format photographers are sure going to love this one. We brought you the news of a new company’s take on the classic large format camera in the form of the Intrepid 8x10 some time ago and now we’re happy to bring you news that they’re at it again! Intrepid Camera Co. is now releasing their third iteration of their large format camera — meet the 4x5 MK3 Field Camera.

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Intrepid cameras are all about functionality and creative expression. The company wants nothing but to give photographers access to an affordable field camera without sacrificing quality and utility. This new offering from Intrepid Camera Co. retains all the things that made its two predecessors a big hit among large format photographers like good quality craftsmanship, lightweight build, a folding feature, independent front controls, and a fully rotating back.

Every camera is produced in their Brighton workshop where they take extra care in making sure that quality is in top shape. 4x5 MK3 Field Cameras are made from high quality birch plywood that are then machine cut, hand-sanded and weather proofed for extra durability when shooting in the elements. Other structural components are made of aluminum while the bellows are handmade using a combination of Nylon ripstop for the exterior and a thin light proof black fabric for the interior.

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The 4x5 MK3 Field Camera follows Intrepid’s ethos of “bring your own lens” photography. It’s compatible with any 75 mm to 300 mm lenses one of their boards or Linhof/Tecnika style boards. Users can also opt for pinhole lenses (made for a fraction of the cost of glass lenses) — a welcome feature for beginners who are just venturing into the world of large format photography.

Intrepid’s MK3 also takes all standard 4x5 film holders as well as Graflock compatible backs for medium format film (120), instant film, and wet plate. Focusing is also made easy thanks to the clear ground glass and bright ½ inch grid.

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What really makes the Intrepid Camera Co. and their large format cameras even more special is that they keep an open ear to suggestions from their users. They take comments about their cameras seriously and that shows in the quality of their products. Kudos to Intrepid for keeping the analogue spirit alive and catering to the needs of the large format photography community.

If you’re interested to learn more about Intrepid Cameras, you may visit their website for more information.

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