Monday Moodboard: Like a Wes Anderson Film


This Monday, treat life like one of the movies. Filmmaker Wes Anderson happens to have one of the most distinguishable and eye-candy styles in cinema. No wonder people just can't resist his auteur oeuvre! Be the quirky protagonist as you walk into artful backdrops of the city. Anderson's aesthetic compromises of clear-cut geometry, symmetry, vivid and pastel colors. Look for analogous and complementary shades, unique storefronts or windows to imitate iconic shots in The Grand Budapest Hotel or The Royal Tenenbaums. See our curated Monday Moodboard for your reference!

Credits: j_robertmeyland, simonesavo, paula412, phyllistc, fake_lol, gotoarizona, aka_papu, tinesidinozavur, piafpif, taraka26, minchi, rhiannonamsterdam, remybaudequin, analemma, kotlyarenky & eyvahblues

2018-07-02 #culture #wes-anderson #monday-moodboard

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