Do the #dianarama: Diana F+ Endless Panoramas

Soft, lo-fi, and dream-like — these are what come to mind when we speak of the Diana F+ camera. A true analogue icon, the Diana F+ camera gives you square format photos with a distinct ethereal look. But, what if you want to shoot outside the square? After all, some things are best viewed in a panoramic perspective — like a breathtaking view of the ocean or a scenic landscape. Well, don’t worry: here’s a tip that shows you how to shoot a #dianarama — an endless panorama taken with a Diana F+ camera.

Credits: aronne, sadmafioso & takezzo

Top Tips for #Dianaramas

1. Insert the panoramic frame mask included in your Diana F+ kit and set the film format switch to “16.” By changing the setting, you make sure that there is almost no gap between each image, thereby giving you a (more or less) seamless panoramic image. But don’t worry if your images overlap, as this makes your photo unique and distinctly analogue!

2. If you’re shooting a panoramic landscape and you want to get as little repetition between frames as possible, simply turn your camera about 45 degrees after each shot. Or turn it a lot less — and savor that sweet multiple-exposure-panorama effect.

3. Screw the rules! Go a little crazy and advance your frames randomly by alternating between full frame or half frame, or whatever-the-hell frame. Try doing multiple exposures on a single frame, pop a burst of flash, anything goes!

Credits: xaviru, vstephanie & mandi

Have you tried this tip before? Upload your best shots to your LomoHome and tag them with #Dianarama so that we can check them out! Who knows, we might even feature one of your panoramic beauties on our website, in one of our newsletters, or on our social media accounts. If you don't have a Diana F+ yet, grab yours from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you.

2018-07-19 #gear

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