Places to Go for Traveling Lomographers: Burning Man


Once a year, in the sandy desert of Black Rock in Nevada, is a unique celebration that radicals of all kinds flock to. The ultimate city for the free spirits, we welcome you to Burning Man.

“This city built with the sweat and love of so many people from all walks of life only to last for the blink of an eye.” — Luca Mercedes
Credits: oldstandby, johku & 35millimetre

The name Burning Man comes from the symbolic ritual of burning a wooden effigy “The Man”. The reason why Burning Man is not an ordinary event, but a city itself, is because it has its own communal rules: radical inclusion, self-reliance, and self-expression, as well as community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, decommodification, participation, immediacy, and leaving no trace.

Technically, Burning Man is a late summer event meant to rejoice over experimentation of art and community, but for some Lomographers, Burning Man is part of their special analogue grind. A fleeting, yearly mecca. Our very own LomoAmigo Luca Mercedes had a first-hand experience of this temporary city:

“The moment you get off of the pavement of route 34 is simply something you can’t compare with anything else. ‘A city? Isn’t Burning Man a festival?!’ — some would ask. Well, no! This city built with the sweat and love of so many people from all walks of life only to last for the blink of an eye.”
Credits: melissajtest, johku, oldstandby & mcgloin

Burning Man is like a blank canvas for artists of all kind. For the Lomographer? It's where anything goes — dramatic dusk-and-dawn silhouettes, extreme angles, spontaneous, head-turning accidents, cinematic landscapes, and other Mad Max-type of crazy. The next Burning Man event will start on August 26 running through September 3. Visit their website to plan ahead your next Lomographic journey.

Got any alternative or offbeat picturesque location recommendations? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. mcgloin
    mcgloin ·

    Black Rock City isn't sandy at all, it's dusty.

    In about a fortnight I'm getting ready to head out for Black Rock City. I'm getting there by Amtrak (train) to Klamath Falls, CA, and riding my bike the rest of the 220 miles over as little pavement as possible (Route 34 is a dirt road until something like .5 km north of the entrance to BRC).

    I should add I work as volunteer staff in the Burning Man communications department in Media Mecca and I plan to arrive a couple of days before the gates open.

    This is my 7th (8th?) year.

  2. goga93
    goga93 ·

    It's my dream to visit the festival some day!

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